How to Make Accessories the Focal Point of Your Wardrobe


People usually say that you should dress to impress. What they don’t know is that it’s actually the accessories that help come up with more diverse looks. The fact that they are especially helpful when you have a limited amount of clothes to work with also works well with every woman.




Different accessories help you come up with different looks. Highlighting the accessories on your wardrobe will allow you to amp up your personal style no matter what you’re wearing. Here’s the lowdown on how to do it.


  1. When it comes to picking out your statement jewelry piece, you also have to think about what you’re going to wear it with. You don’t want it to mix too well with the outfit or else it will just blend in. If you’re wearing a blue dress, a bright red necklace will instantly stand out and grab people’s attention. The edgy contrast between two colors will make the dressimpressnecklace stand out more.


  1. Make your fashion jewelry the focal point of your wardrobe by pairing it with something plain and simple. One of our favorite places to shop is on overstock. A light pastel colored blouse matched with a mustard pencil skirt may not be your idea of something “plain and simple” but with a multicolored bib necklace of brown and gold hues, it might as well be.


  1. Meshing fashion jewelry with your wardrobe may not sound like a bullet proof plan when you want to highlight your jewelry, but it’s definitely worth the try. Start your wardrobe with a crisp white peplum blouse and pair it with a solid colored pencil skirt. A bejeweled Peter Pan collar is just the thing you need to totally transform your outfit from lackluster to blockbuster. And yes, your curiosity just paid off.


  1. Try not to limit the word “accessory” to just typical jewelry. Think outside of the box — even though cufflinks are jewelry — most women dont wear them and a pair can make you stand out. Websites like and>> have many styles for women. A sequined scarf is just as much an accessory as everything else you would think about adding to your wardrobe. A sequined scarf added to your shirt and jeans combo is just what it needs to help your ensemble really stand out. Tie your scarves differently so you’d get a fresh new feel for scarves.


  1. While it’s no secret that bigger is better, the number one way to easily make your jewelry the center of attention is if it’s really big and beautiful. That’s where fine jewelry comes in. (we have a soft spot for bloomingdales when it comes to this)Go for any of these: thick, drop down, bold, chunky, or long. As long as your jewelry has these elements, you’ll be sure to grab everyone’s attention.